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Welcome to, a public XMPP server located in Canada and created on 2022-02-22.
Messages and group chats secured with OMEMO are end-to-end encrypted making them completely secure and private.
The server supports all modern features specified in the XMPP Compliance Tester, and is consistently updated to remain compliant.
There is a public XMPP channel located at "" for comments, questions, and general discussion.


Recommended clients

Matrix bridge

The XMPP and Matrix protocols are able to interact through the matrix-bifrost bridge. Use the following syntax to chat with Matrix users.


Those interested in reducing servers costs can donate via Liberapay or use my vultr referral link. I have the funds to run this project indefinitely with the current demand, but appreciate anybody willing to lighten the load. Even 0.10$ a week helps and is a great symbolic gesture.